Why Advice Matters

"If I hadn't got advice when I did....I would have been homeless, mentally disturbed and in the gutter." 19 year old young woman with money problems

Throughout  life, there are times when problems come along that seem insurmountable and can affect your stability, your health and wellbeing or your safety. They might be to do with your housing, money, family or education. These kinds of problems can have a particularly negative impact on children and young people.

Getting good advice, advocacy or representation can make all the difference and transform a young person's life. But it is getting harder and harder for children and young people to access the help they need. 

A few facts

  • Each year over 2 million 16-24 year-olds experience rights-related problems requiring professional advice on issues such as homelessness, money and employment.
  • Fewer than half of all these young people actually manage to obtain advice – leaving at least a million of our most vulnerable citizens to cope with their problems unassisted each year.
  • Each young person needing advice who fails to get it costs local public services over £13,000.
  • After getting advice, 70% of young people report improvements in their mental or physical health and 42% in their housing situation.

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'[Without advice] I wouldn't be alive now'  20 year old young man with immigration problems